+ little pixel circle?

yep! simple, solid, in games everywhere. plus, the name is just adorable, y'know?

little pixel circle (or lpc, for short) was created with a two-fold purpose:
- first and foremost, lpc exists to provide a community network of support, grassroots media coverage, and small income opportunities for other trans and non-binary game creatives making pixel art games and related content- especially those that might be struggling to do so on their own.
- second, it aims to provide educational resources and game assets for making pixel art games, all provided by transgender and non-binary creators, in an effort to help put more representational games and other content into the world.

+ what we're about

little pixel circle is run exclusively by transgender and non-binary people, to uplift other transgender and non-binary people. we're a very small organization, with a minimal budget, run by one over-ambitious weirdo. with living under capitalism being the nightmare that it is, we make media in-roads and paying opportunities however we can. this will always be for us. we're here to make and share game-dev and pixel art tutorials, game assets and game bundles, educational resources and useful links- pertaining to all things low-pixel-count, but always from trans and non-binary contributors. if you're an ally, desperate to assist the work the circle puts out, financially supporting the creatives in our collections and what we do here at lpc is the best way you can help!

+ who's involved

 toni (she/they) -- creator, organizer, game designer, sprite artist | twitter | patreon

    lillian (any) -- "lil, please 8:i", hard-working lpc mascot, friendliest computer mouse

 pixl (she/her) -- adorable pixel cat, lpc in-house bug-hunter, nap expert

   - adopted from webneko