+ lpc curated game collections

looking for new games to play? for inspiration on a new game of your own? or maybe you just want to support some awesome trans and non-binary games creators!

whatever the case, we've got you covered~

lpc's page has several collections of games (with all games made by trans and non-binary creators or teams), in all kinds of genres, to help make it easier for folks to find them!

have fun! and please support the games' makers by following their social media accounts where available, and (when possible) purchase/donate to help fund their work~

+ pixel art creation

 free software and misc. useful tools to make pixel art and sprite/tile assets for games

  Piskel -- free and open-source pixel sprite editor that works in-browser. simple to use, featuring onion-skinning, multiple exporting options, and a solid toolset.

  Pixelorama -- another excellent, free pixel art tool with more in the kit for animation and art than Piskel, and made entirely in the Godot game engine.

  Pixelable -- a free (with non-intrusive ads) pixel-art app on iOS devices that offers multiple layers and color palettes, with animation exports as gifs.

+ game-making software

 free programs for making small, pixel games, with a focus on being easier-to-use than most other ways

  GDevelop -- drop-down-menu-based, works in-browser, though download is very recommended. extensible with simple plugins, and many templates available.

  GB Studio -- drag-and-drop-based software for making GameBoy-style games that can run on original hardware!

  Scratch -- a very learner-friendly, browser-only engine that uses stackable blocks to represent visual coding.

  bitsy -- well-loved pixel game-maker right in your browser. excellent for story games and particularly tiny sprites.

  RPG Paper Maker -- an engine for adorable JRPG-style pixel games, but in 3D! free to use for non-commercial projects, with a paid commercial license.

  Castle -- an excellent, beginner-friendly game creation app for mobile devices that creates playable games and art in the form of screen-sized cards collected into decks that you can share.