+ audio assets

need music for your game? lpc has got that~

just click the music note to be taken to the audio archive and explore music shared by trans and non-binary artists, some or all of which can be used in your games for free! just click the music note below for the archive~

+ pixel art assets

looking for assets to make pixel art games? we've got you covered! listed below are all the asset packs that little pixel circle members have released for download. if you have any suggestions for new packs, reach out to us and let us know! we can't make everything, of course, but it never hurts to try~

tinydreamers creature asset pack

adorable creatures and weird baddies from the browser game, tinydreamers~

gb emote asset pack

a whole face of emotions and other emote bubbles made game boy compatible! 16x16 and in the GB Studio ui palette~

pixel pumpkin patch

a batch of 8x8, color-limited pumpkins, ghosts, and candy- all for that perfect, chilly autumn night game!

mini-ui pack

tiny, pixel-art ui assets for a variety of needs, ranging from the major control schemes to mobile app ui!

super lgbteens vs !!!!!

charming and colorful 8x8px set, based around a group of ghost-hunting super teens trapped in a haunted house!

1-bit collection

a small (but still updating!) library of pixel asset spritesheets, all in 1-bit color, 8x8px scale, and complete with a visual of an imaginary game with each pack.